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Leader's Guide to Performance Management - starts in June 2021

Leader's Guide to Performance Management

   The Leader’s Guide to Performance Management is a brand new,                 online training course, teaching you everything you need to know to turn     from technical expert to high-performing manager in 4 weeks.

   Learn how to motivate staff and improve staff performance, conduct           performance reviews with confidence, and build better teams.

   Through four incredible modules over 4 weeks, you will learn how to:
               Motivate staff to succeed
               Effectively delegate and supervise
               Give feedback and performance reviews
               Manage poor performers 

   Our presenter, employment lawyer Julia Shallcrass will give you                   practical guidance on how to you reduce your legal risk, while                   
   improving performance and team results.

Who is this course for?

 Do you want to improve staff performance to build a better team? 

 Are you a new team leader or manager, uncertain of your employment law obligations?

 Perhaps you’re an experienced manager struggling with aspects of performance management, and feeling frustrated?

    We can help you! We’ve designed this course for managers and team                     leaders from every industry in New Zealand.

The Leader’s Guide to Performance Management is the perfect first step for any new manager, supervisor or team leader, or experienced managers seeking guidance on how to improve staff performance for productivity.

 This course will help you coach staff, give constructive feedback, and conduct performance reviews effectively and easily.  

 Your Learning Experience

This course is an interactive and engaging learning experience, giving you the chance to ask questions and collaborate with others.

    See videos on our 4 modules. Learn through a mix of videos (around 4 hours total), and live facilitated webinar sessions for group coaching and discussions.  Registrants can view all videos for 3 years guaranteed from date of purchasing the course.

    Join live webinars over 4 weeks. Twice a week, you’ll get the chance to join our experts in live webinars to answer your queries, share your ideas in group discussions, and practise your management techniques in real-world activities.  All Q&A webinars will be recorded for viewing.

    Download fillable workbook with templates. Access checklists on delegation and performance reviews, coaching and performance review templates, complete practical activities, and much more.

   Certificate of completion for CPD points. We will give you a certificate of completion for successfully completing the programme  – including 75% correct score on quizzes.

   Learn in your own time and at your own pace.  Complete the video modules and worksheets when it fits into your work week. 

Plus, you can choose expert individual coaching and inhouse training in addition to the course.

Your Presenter

Julia Shallcrass is an employment lawyer who specialises in presenting on employment law and HR innovation to help create better workplaces.
As founder of KiwiBoss, Julia delivers in-house training to organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors throughout New Zealand.

Julia upskills people managers and HR professionals on improving people and performance for productivity.

Julia is part of the KiwiBoss team that delivers virtual courses through HRNZ, and regularly presents webinars through CCH Learning. She is an employment columnist for NZ Herald.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

     Learn where to start with our Effective Delegation training - Get into the right headspace and mindset of management by debunking myths of delegation….so you can stop doing and start delegating.
     Delegation 101 - Discover how to delegate work, who to delegate to, and how to supervise effectively through situational leadership... so tasks get done right the first time.

     Create performance objectives that are SMART – Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timebound... so you can improve team results sooner rather than later.
     Motivate staff to succeed by improving employee experience and understanding what motivates top performance…so your staff are motivated to perform their best.
     Create your high-performance team by setting learning and development goals….so your staff can succeed in their role and you can develop staff for succession planning.
     Build team performance with two-way communication, using our Mini Performance Review template that shows you exactly what questions to ask… so you can create a culture of success.

    Conduct Performance Reviews easily and effectively, using our guide that tells you exactly how to prepare for mini reviews, ask questions, and coach staff through conversations... so you can be completely confident and conduct performance reviews like a pro.
    Follow performance management documentation, including Mini Reviews, Performance Reviews, Performance Improvement Plans, and much more… so you can update your processes based on research for results.
    Reduce manager biases when assessing staff performance  that cause stress to both staff and unfairness … so your processes are fair and transparent, and you reward and promote the right staff.
    Avoid poor performance in the first place by improving management techniques and processes… so you spend your time developing high performance, rather than on managing poor performance or exiting staff.
    Improve staff performance through informal techniques, like coaching, training, and mentoring…so you can quickly and effectively get  performance back on track.
    Manage poor performers through formal processes like Performance Improvement Plans, warnings, and exit strategies…so you can properly manage staff who continue to perform poorly or are unsuited to the role.
    Comply with employment law obligations and apply learnings from case law…so you can reduce the risk of a personal grievance.
    Discover how to work alongside HR and know when to refer performance issues... so you can competently deal with performance management processes.

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Registrants on our course can also book:

 Individual online coaching for 3 hours - $697 plus GST
 Inhouse online group coaching (for up to 10 attendees per session) - $1497 plus GST

Join us to Build better teams. Do you want to improve performance in your organisation?

When can you attend this course?

Choose to register for this 4-week course on any of the following months that suit you:

  • June 2021
  • August 2021
  • October 2021
Our live webinars will be held at 11 am on Wednesdays and Fridays over 4 weeks of each month.
You can register attendees from the same organisation to attend on different months, they can choose when suits them.

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